In order to put dates to the various periods and monarchs, I have put together the following with the hope it may be helpful.

Bronze Age - (c. 2,000 BC to 650 BC)
The Bronze Age is characterized by the first use of copper and bronze for making weapons and tools.

Iron Age - (c. 650 BC to AD 43)
The Iron Age is characterized by the first use of iron for making weapons and tools.

The Roman Period - (AD 43 to AD 410)
Britain was invaded by the Romans in AD 43 and many changes took place as a result of romanization - the adoption of Roman civilization.

The Saxons - (c. mid 5th-century to 1066)
This period dates from the first invasions of the Angles, Saxons and Jutes who eventually settled here into tribal groups and later into four kingdoms of Wessex, Mercia, Northumbria and East Anglia.

The Mediaeval Period - (1066 to c. 1500)
This period dates from the time of the Norman conquest and saw an increase in the development of towns, a monastic revival and the re-building of churches and cathedrals.

Monarchs of England

House of Wessex

Egbert (802-39)
Aethelwulf (839-55)
Aethelbald (855-60)
Aethelbert (860-6)
Aethelred (866-71)
Alfred the Great (871-99)
Edward the Elder (899-925)
Athelstan (925-40)
Edmund the Magnificent (940-6)
Eadred (946-55)
Eadwig (Edwy) All-Fair (955-59)
Edgar the Peaceable (959-75)
Edward the Martyr (975-78)
Aethelred the Unready (978-1016)
Edmund Ironside (1016)

Danish Line

Svein Forkbeard (1014)
Canute the Great (1016-35)
Harald Harefoot (1035-40)
Hardicanute (1040-42)

House of Wessex, Restored

Edward the Confessor (1042-66)
Harold II (1066)

Norman Line

William I the Conqueror (1066-87)
William II Rufus (1087-1100) (son of William)
Henry I Beauclerc (1100-35) (William Rufus' brother)
Stephen (1135-54) (nephew of Henry I)
Empress Matilda (1141)

Plantagenet, Angevin Line

Henry II Curtmantle (1154-89) (grandson of Henry I)
Richard I the Lionheart (1189-99) (third son of Henry II)
John Lackland (1199-1216) (fifth son of Henry II)
Henry III (1216-72) (son of John)
Edward I Longshanks (1272-1307) (son of Henry III)
Edward II (1307-27) (son of Edward I)
Edward III (1327-77) (son of Edward II)
Richard II (1377-99) (grandson of Edward III, son of the Black Prince)

Plantagenet, Lancastrian Line
Henry IV Bolingbroke (1399-1413) (grandson of Edward III, son of John of Gaunt)
Henry V (1413-22) (son of Henry IV)
Henry VI (1422-61, 1470-1) (son of Henry V)

Plantagenet, Yorkist Line

Edward IV (1461-70, 1471-83) (great grandson of Edmund of York, Edward III's youngest son)
Edward V (1483)
Richard III Crookback (1483-5)

House of Tudor

Henry VII Tudor (1485-1509)
Henry VIII (1509-47)
Edward VI (1547-53)
Lady Jane Grey (1553)
Mary I Tudor (1553-58)
Elizabeth I (1558-1603)

Monarchs of Great Britain

House of Stuart

James I (1603-25)
Charles I (1625-49)

The Commonwealth

Oliver Cromwell (1649-58)
Richard Cromwell (1658-59)

House of Stuart, Restored

Charles II (1660-85)
James II (1685-88)

House of Orange and Stuart

William III, Mary II (1689-1702)

House of Stuart

Anne (1702-14)

House of Brunswick, Hanover Line

George I (1714-27)
George II (1727-60)
George III (1760-1820)
George IV (1820-30)
William IV (1830-37)
Victoria (1837-1901)

House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha

Edward VII (1901-10)

House of Windsor

George V (1910-36)
Edward VIII (1936)
George VI (1936-52)
Elizabeth II (1952-present)

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