Village schooling formally started with the 'National School' - run on 'Lancastrian principles' - which was founded in 1810 by Archdeacon Wrangham and Humphrey Osbaldeston, and situated in what is today (2000. AD.) the Church Hall. The infants were taught from 1870 in a schoolroom (demolished in the 1960's) at the junction of Hungate Lane and Stonegate. This was superseded by the 'Board School', later becoming Hunmanby County Primary, which was built in Stonegate in 1905 (pictured above). This itself was again superseded by the new County Primary in Priest Close, during the late 1980's. In the 18th. and 19th. centuries there were several private 'Dame Schools'. The last, at 'Elm Tree House', Stonegate, run by the Misses Bryan, finally closed in 1919.

The Manor School a fee paying junior school situated in the Methodist Chapel in the grounds of Hunmanby Hall this photograph is taken from entrance to All Saints Church.

Mr Hepworths Class c1967

Mr Hepworths Class c1955

Teachers Left Ron Hepworth
Right Clarence Howes
Back Keith Norbury, Albert Nesfield, John Pilmoor, George Artley
Michael Imeson, Geoffory Calvert, Howard Horner.

Middle George Hall, Barry Dobson, Keith Bar, Eric Chapman, Steve Sinclair
U/K, Jimmy Barker, Geoffory Liley, Tony Burrell, Geoffory Clark

Bottom Mervyn Holmes, Jimmy Mainprize, Ronald Fenwick, George Barker
Graham Cooper, Raymond Norris, Tony Robson, Brian Buttery, Ian Keld

N.B This is less than half the class. The full
compliment was over 60!!

The Girls of 1955.56

Back row---Wendy Mainprize-Christine Plewes-Deirdrie Marshall-Gwyneth Belt-Barbera Moment-Ann Kidd-Dianne Sinclair-Anette Bewell. Headmaster-Mr Howes.

Middle row---Pat Fenwick-Jennifer Stephenson-Shirly Cowling-Dorothy Webster-Brenda Dobson-Amelia Hall-Carol Phillip-Rita Barker-Shirley Phillips.

Front Row---Nora Calvert-Joan Watson-Pat Moment-Silvia Mainprize-Margret Robson-Josephene Stevenson-Unknown-Anne Orrah.
Picture kindly supplied by Paul Fairclough (Nephew of Shet.)

Mr Hepworths class c1957?

Back Row---Ricky Wardell, Brian Stockdale, Alwin Robson, Ronald Fenwick, Michael Moore, Tommy Randerson.

Middle Row-- Teacher Mr Hepworth Derek Robson, John Skilbeck, Margaret Wilcock, Margaret Huggins, Peter Smith, John Bartlett. Headmaster Mr Howes.

Front Row ---Brenda Jackson, Sandra Stephenson, Sabina Holmes, Susan Stephenson, Sylvia Paddock, Brenda Bushby, Carole Good, Esme Mainprize.

Picture kindly supplied by Margaret Huggins.

Mr Howes class c1965

Back row - Ann Patrick, Pauline Stather, Edwina Chatterton, Pat Hanson, Mr Howes (headmaster)

Middle - Benjamin Langley, Alan Marshall, Ted Kraft, Raymond Lemke, Andrew Dobson, Eric Maskell, David Tindall, Steven Watson

Front Row - Lorraine Randerson, Beverley Robson, Christine Hood, Christine Stevenson, Valerie Stubbs, Angela Denison, Ruth Tomlinson

Picture kindly supplied by Mr Andrew Dobson

Mrs Stockdales class c1966

Teacher Mrs Stockdale. U.Known. Edwin Kraft. Benjiman Langley .Steven Watson. David Tindall. Uk. Uk. Uk. Uk.

Middle Martin Witty. Alan Marshall. Chris Skelton. Charles Brignal. Martin Mallinson. James Kraft. Alwyn Robson. Eric Maskell.

Front Uk. Uk. Uk. Uk. Avice Habberley. Pauline Stather. Christine?Stephenson. Uk. Edwina Chatterton? Christine Hood. Beverly Robson. Pat Hansen?

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