Welcome to Hunmanby Archives.Where you will find an ever increasing library covering all aspects of Hunmanbys history.
The following links will take you to the many subjects prepared for the site by a small but dedicated group of local historians whose aim is to bring the village of Hunmanby into the age of the internet.
Thanks must go to Chris Skelton for his research and attention to detail in preparing and indeed writing some of the articles.Thanks also to Simon Baines for kindly allowing the use of and last but not least Ces Mowthorpe whose knowledge and encouragement has been invaluable.

Archives introduction

Time Line

Disused Water Works

Pre-Enclosure Plan 1801

Places of Worship in Hunmanby

Battle of Hunmanby

The Butlins Triangle

The Runaway Train

The Tragedy at Reighton Gap

Star Of Bethlehem Lodge Of Free and Independent Shepherds

Extracts from Hunmanby Parish Magazine 1890-1960

Submarine G3 under Speeton Cliffs

Filey Born out of Hunmanby

History of Hunmanby Hall

The Ships Quarter Deck

Miss L.M.Owston. Architect of post-WW2 Hunmanby

Flying from Filey Sands

Hunmanby's “Widow Singers/ Widows Procession

An interesting Memorial in 'God's Acre Cemetery

Riding the Stang

Fredrick William Parker

God's Acre' Cemetary

Dulcey Dock Speeton Cliffs

Pound and Prison

Hunmanby Brewery

Hunmanby Institute

Low Lodge Hunmanby